Upcoming Events

February 1 – February 24: Teaching Old Songs as Social History at George Ward Elementary School with 1st – 4th Graders

Ongoing Interviews and Photo Restoration of Mount Hope, WV’s School Racial Integration in 1956

March 10: Presentation of Game-Changer, a Radio Program Featuring Mount Hope High School Students’ Interracial Bonding Over Football, Appalachian Studies Association Annual Meeting, Virginia Technical Institute, Blacksburg, VA, 1:00 – 2:15, Session 3.18

March 14: Wild Hog in the Woods: Appalachian Songs of Love and Justice, Berea College, Berea, KY, Evening Concert

March 15: Talking Across the Lines: Images and Sounds of Appalachia, Berea College, Lunchtime talk
Join folklorists Michael and Carrie Nobel Kline for a journey into the soul of Appalachia. The Klines will impart songs, stories and their own oral history recordings, now housed in the Berea College Archive, painting a portrait of the lives of marginalized people who have sustained communities in central West Virginia.

March 15: Listening for a Change: A Workshop on Recording Oral Histories and Oral Testimonials, Berea College
Experience firsthand the transformative power of being heard. Learn the techniques of deeply-rooted oral history and folklife documentation. Explore the vibrancy of folklore and the oral tradition as you become a vital part of the movement for social change. Bear witness to a narrative performance. Full-bodied listening gives birth to a liberation that in time will tip the balance in this world.

April 19: Noontime Free Brown Bag Concert at The Arts Center, Elkins, WV

Summer and Fall Performances for Tour Groups

June 15: Wild and Wonderful Crafts Fair Midday Music Set, Ripley, WV Fairgrounds

July 8: 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Workshop: Appalachian Singing in Sacred Places In Plum Grove Church, 7–8 p.m., Evening Concert, 8:15 – 10 Barn Dance, Folklore Village, Dodgeville, WI
Workshop Description: Learn to sing some of the finest Appalachian songs, whether you are a new or experienced music maker, or simply interested in gaining insight into the complexity that is Appalachia. Prepare to go down the rabbit hole together, singing from our hearts and immersing in rich imagery and melodically haunting songs, making deep connections with the culture, landscapes and history of Appalachia, and connecting with singers from generations past. Who were these singers, and how did these songs come to dwell in them? What are the hidden sources of strength of the oral tradition in these Allegheny Highlands? How and why does it persist into our own times? These recurring questions address some of the compelling qualities of the songs we will learn as we journey into traditional and contemporary expressions of Appalachian music, guided by West Virginia folklorists and musical duo Michael and Carrie Kline.

July 30 – August 3: Roots & Branches of Bluegrass: From Ancient Ballads to WV Songs

September 2: Noontime performance at the Stonewall Jackson Jubilee

September 15: Appalachian Festival, Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD