Wild Hog in the Woods




Wrap up in some of the oldest songs in the English language along with modern country love duets, a cappella ballads and ditties, coal mining cries, an original talking blues, and musical portraits of the country church with its worn benches and digging ginseng with Granny, walking the mountainside with her stick.
$15 for the CD, $2.50 for shipping

1. Wild Hog In The Woods
2. Frog Went A Courting
3. An Unfinished Life
4. Molly Bender
5. When The Whistle Blew
6. Sly Old Crow
7. Down In The Mine
8. Talking Community Development Blues #1 Amended
9. Granny Get Your Stick and Come and Walk With Me
10. The Box
11. Won’t You Come and Sing For Me

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An Unfinished Life


Wild Hog in the Woods