Model T’s and Model Roads: Voices of the Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike




Listen while West Virginia elders reminisce with a chuckle and a tune about the first time they saw “one of those blasted automobiles.” Some hid, and others ran to hitch a ride.

Hear the songs and stories of the days when all the neighbors gathered at one family’s farm to wait for a train or to hole up for a Saturday night music jam.

Join in the boisterous accounts of West Virginia towns on a Saturday night when the boys came in from the log woods.

Feel the mixed emotions revealed through depictions of close knit communities centered around work in the tanneries and hard scrabble towns.

Hear the accounts of 101-YEAR-OLD gentleman whose wife helped him keep the faith during the long years of the Great Depression until the President and Mrs. Roosevelt brought hopes of better times to West Virginia.

Recall the reasons why we keep passing on the stories and music of earlier times, tales of fortitude and songs about spending time with friends and neighbors.

Driving My Model-T


Along Came a Tramp: Depression Years


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