Truth be Told

Truth Be Told




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Truth Be ToldTRUTH BE TOLD follows in the tradition of WHEN MINERS MARCH and DEAD RINGERS in telling the history of West Virginia’s miners in boldly uncensored fashion. TRUTH BE TOLD offers new documentation of the infamous Esau scrip used by coal companies to force sexual servitude upon women in the New River region coal camps. Similar practices elsewhere are also documented. TRUTH BE TOLD expands upon Bonnie Stewart’s groundbreaking work on the Farmington No. 9 explosions. The disaster was anything but an “accident”! Read the federal mine inspector’s smoking gun memo for yourself! A closing chapter by editor and sociologist Wess Harris offers a theoretical framework to suggest readers view our history through fresh lenses…..

Combining readability and relevance, this anthology by some of Appalachia’s leading scholars is suitable for high school and beyond.